The Internet. Redefined.

The Force Network is a new set of protocols for an internet where everything can be private, everyone can be anonymous, and nothing can be censored.

Introducing the world's first Decentralized Scalable Network (DSNS) Solution

The Force Network

A cryptocurrency solution that enables real network privacy. Incentivised nodes facilitate the transfer of encrypted information that keeps the source and destination IP addresses hidden from each other.

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    Network Features
  • Low Latency

    Hop node routing chains can be custom-built to create fast, low-latency network paths using approximate node location data. For ultimate anonymity, location-aware routing is optional.

  • Censorship Resistance

    With Force, the user’s and host’s IP/metadata are completely hidden from each other. This keeps the hosts safe from discovery, the data safe from censorship, and the users anonymous.

  • Expandable Protocols

    The Force network supports community-developed routing protocols that enable payload data to be wrapped in an infinite number of ways. These protocols build on top of the flexible routing architecture to provide additional network capabilities and keep traffic indistinguishable from other types of internet usage.


Platform Features

Smart Incentives

Utilizing Blockchain technology the Network incentivizes those with network resources to share them with others in exchange for FOR tokens. Service packages are built by “payment nodes” that can be managed from the in-wallet browser to make using the Network simple for end-users. Services can also be contracted directly for advanced users.

Scalable Services

Nodes can provide any number of network services based on which protocols they want to support and their resources available. We anticipate the network could grow to support all modern communication protocols such as E-mail, streaming, torrents, gaming, messaging, etc.

Automated Pricing

Network prices are automatically adjusted in order to incentivize node operators to provide the most in-demand services while keeping prices comparable across different node providers. Automated pricing also keeps malicious nodes from underpricing others in order to damage the network.




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